Join the EI-ISAC#

CIS and the EI-ISAC are available to provide a wide range of resources to support the cybersecurity needs of the election community. The EI-ISAC and Multi-State ISAC (MS-ISAC) are supported by CISA, and all three provide tools, resources, and support to election officials.

Membership in the EI-ISAC is open to all state, local, tribal, and territorial government organizations that support election administration of the United States of America and associations thereof. It’s a free and voluntary membership for eligible organizations.

Graphic showing the relationships between CISA, the MS-ISAC, and the EI-ISAC

Relationship between CISA, the MS-ISAC, and the EI-ISAC#

The EI-ISAC provides access to valuable services to fulfill many of the best practices described elsewhere in this Guide. Some of them include:


  1. Join the EI-ISAC (Level 1 maturity)

  2. Understand what the EI-ISAC has to offer (Level 1 maturity)


For Join the EI-ISAC, the necessary actions are the same for all maturity levels.

  1. Join the EI-ISAC. Simply sign up here.

Cost-Effective Tools#

  • The EI-ISAC has many free tools available to you once you become a member.

Mapping to CIS Controls and Safeguards#

  • There are no relevant CIS Controls.

Mapping to CIS Handbook Best Practices#

  • There are no relevant Handbook best practices.