Index of Appendices#

The Essential Guide to Election Security includes several appendices to provide additional information that may be helpful to users.

The appendices are:

  1. About the Guide: Information about the structure of the document, its history, and its relevance to CIS’s Handbook for Election Infrastructure Security.

  2. How To: Information on the best uses and most effective ways to work with the Guide to achieve that which you wish to accomplish.

  3. Small Jurisdiction Worksheets: A set of downloadable worksheets for use at the Level 1 maturity level.

  4. For legacy purposes, a mapping of the best practices to the best practices from the Handbook for Election Infrastructure Security.

In addition to the appendices, there is an informative election infrastructure primer, to give background on the architecture of election systems, the role information technology, risks and threats.

There is also a glossary of technical terms used throughout the Guide and an acronym list.